Litigation services in The Netherlands

Dutch law firm AMS in Amsterdam is located 10 minutes from Amsterdam Airport. The attorneys with our law firm provide legal services for clients throughout the world and have years of valuable experience in both advising and litigating their clients in a variety of matters. AMS attorneys specializes in litigation, acting both for plaintiffs and defendants, and for corporate and individual clients. The attorneys offer litigation services in the wide field of civil law, such as corporate litigationbusiness lawgeneral contract law and  debt collection proceedings.

Litigation services in The Netherlands

The Dutch attorneys of AMS are authorized to litigate in all kinds of civil law proceedings, before all District Courts and Courts of Appeal in The Netherlands. Our lawyers can assist you in any matter in which litigation is or may be required  (such as proceedings on the merits or summary proceedings) and in all related court actions (such as seizures and measures of enforcement). Dutch law firm AMS can assist its clients in any civil law matter, such as:

Dutch lawyers specialized in litigation

The Dutch lawyers of AMS are specialists in litigation. Should you require more information, please contact our lawyer Hidde Reitsma, owner at law firm AMS. Hidde successfully conducted many proceedings before Dutch Districts Courts and Courts of Appeal.


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