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Corporate law firm in The Netherlands

The lawyers with Dutch law firm AMS in Amsterdam have a wide experience in advising and litigating in Dutch corporate law. Our lawyers are both advisors and litigators in all corporate matters, such as directors’ liability.  If the managing director or the board of management incur debts that they know cannot be paid, or take so much money from the BV that debtors can no longer be paid, the managing director himself can be (personally) held liable for those debts. Furthermore, our team of Dutch corporate lawyers act in all kind of shareholders’ disputes, the buy-out of shareholders, transfer of shares and the dismissal of a director. If a BV has more than one shareholder, usually the agreements between the shareholders are recorded in a shareholders’ agreement.

Dutch lawyer for corporate litigation

To prevent is better than to cure. Our corporate lawyers can help you to draw up all necessary corporate documentation, such as shareholders’ agreement or articles of association, customized to your needs.

Dutch law firm in Amsterdam

Law firm AMS is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our corporate lawyers have gained a broad experience in advising and litigating for (international) companies and individuals. The attorneys are highly involved with their client’s interests and offer a sharp and transparent fee structure. Should you require more information on summary proceedings, or should you have any question with respect to litigation in The Netherlands, please feel free to contact our law firm.