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Hidde Reitsma

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Hidde Reitsma studied Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam and has been practising as a lawyer since 2002. He gained extensive experience in civil litigation at a medium-sized Amsterdam office and later specialised in Dutch liability and corporate law. He founded AMS Advocaten N.V. in 2011 together with his three partners.

In addition to his daily law practice, Hidde is also an expert attached to the business news website BusinessInsider.nl.


Hidde has a broad interest and does not shy away from challenges. His practice reflects this: Hidde has a varied litigation and advisory practice and in-depth knowledge of the law of attachment and execution. His practice focuses on Dutch corporate law (including cases relating to directors’ and officers’ liability and takeovers), Dutch insolvency law, Dutch contract law, and Dutch real estate law. Hidde regularly litigates before the Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, is highly experienced in litigating and advising on (entering into or unbundling) joint ventures, such as general partnerships (VOF) and joint ventures.

As a lawyer, Hidde was involved in the relaunch of the Mexx fashion chain by an international retail company.

In his (scarce) spare time, Hidde likes to (1) engineer (and further develop) object orientated software (preferably whilst eating cold pizza), (2) read English cookbooks, (3) make atonal music (characterized by complete avoidance of all traditional Western tonality), and (4) watch East European cult & art movies.

Trustee in bankruptcy in the Netherlands

In addition, Hidde is regularly appointed by the court as a trustee in bankruptcy in the Netherlands and as an administrator in moratoriums. In this position, he also built up extensive experience in insolvency law, viewed from the perspective of the liquidator but also from the point of view of the bankrupt, its managers, shareholders and financiers.

Grotius specialisation programme in insolvency law

Hidde completed the specialisation programme in Enterprise and Liability at the Grotius Academy and in 2008, he completed the INSOLAD/Grotius specialisation programme in Insolvency Law with honours. This is the most comprehensive and complete postgraduate programme in insolvency law.

Hidde is also a member of the Dutch Association of Insolvency Lawyers (INSOLAD) and its international branch INSOL.

Hidde has registered the following principal areas of law in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar: inheritance law, insolvency law and corporate law. On the basis of this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal area in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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