Dutch insolvency law

Dutch insolvency law

Dutch law firm: insolvency lawyers

Our attorneys are themselves regularly appointed as a trustee in bankruptcy and as receivers in suspension of payment, so our law firm has a great deal of experience in bankruptcy (insolvency) law and restructuring. Our lawyers are therefore very well equipped to advise a company in need on the possibilities to save the company and, if necessary, assist the company in petitioning for suspension of payment or its own petition for bankruptcy.

Lawyers in The Netherlands

Whether you are dealing with filing for bankruptcy reorganization, restructuring, suspension of payment, restart from bankruptcy, liability of managing directors or other aspects of insolvency law, Law firm AMS in Amsterdam wants to be of service. Our insolvency law attorneys can advise you on the best approach and strategy, and always focuses on preventing problems. But they are willing to go to court, if necessary. Our firm has a horizontal organization and offers competitive fees.

About law firm AMS

Amsterdam based law firm AMS focuses not only on giving advice, but the lawyers also litigate for their clients, when necessary. Our attorneys are fully committed to their clients, work in a horizontal organization and offer competitive fees.