Dutch property law

Dutch property lawyer

AMS attorneys in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is a Dutch law firm, specialized in Dutch property law. In this broad legal field cases usually concern the purchase sale agreements of real estate, property division regulations, hidden defects and project development. Property law in The Netherlands encompasses all legal fields concerning real estate and registered property and all rights that can be established thereon, such as the right of mortgage, usufruct, building rights and right of leasehold, but also tenancy and lease rights. Furthermore, our real estate lawyers handle related cases such as matters on the liability of real estate agents or contractors

Dutch law firm in Amsterdam

The attorneys at law firm AMS in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) have a great deal of experience in Dutch property law and handle all civil law disputes concerning real estate, such as disputes on easements, leaseholds, rights of apartment (including division and disputes within an Association of Owners) and establishing and enforcing the right of mortgage. Our Dutch property lawyer is not only very experienced in negotiating and drafting agreements on real estate, but also litigates on these issues for his clients if necessary.