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Dutch contract law

Marco Guit
Marco Guit
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AMS’s Dutch contract law expertise

When two parties do business together, there is always an agreement or contract, whether oral or written. If a party to the contract fails to comply with its obligations, AMS is ready to advise you as the counterparty on the most effective strategy to reach a solution. Each attorney at AMS is very experienced in advising, negotiating, drawing up and litigating contracts.

Dutch contract law and our services

Whether a sales agreement, a settlement agreement, a distribution agreement, franchise agreement, an agency agreement or general terms and conditions are at stake, our attorneys deal with different aspects of contract law on a daily basis. AMS focuses not only on providing advice to our clients, but also on litigating on their behalf, when necessary.

For example, if one party fails in his obligations under a contract, the other party can dissolve the contract and claim damages, based on that failure. However, if the party chooses to prefer comply with the contract rather than dissolve it, in many cases he can demand in court that the other party comply with the agreement, either with a court-imposed penalty or otherwise.

AMS’s Dutch contract lawyers

AMS’s highly experienced team of contract lawyers both advises and litigates for Dutch and international corporates and individuals. We are committed to providing our clients with not only excellent service, but also cost-effective fee structures.


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