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The agreement for services

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In the case of an agreement for services two parties, the contractor and the client, agree that the contractor will carry out work for the client. Examples of an agreement for services are the management agreement, the agreement with the photographer, the wedding planner or, more in general, the independent contractor. The agreement for services should be distinguished from an employment contract.

Contractor’s duty of care

In the performance of his work, the contractor has to observe the due care that can be expected from a good contractor. Whether such care has indeed been observed depends on the situation. There is extensive case law about this topic. A contractor may be expected to act as a reasonably competent and reasonably acting colleague. For each profession (e.g. doctors or lawyers), a different content may be given to this requirement.

Obligations of the client

The client has to act in a manner that befits a good client. In order to ensure that the assignment can be performed properly, the client will have to provide his cooperation. In addition, the client is also under an obligation to provide information. Obviously, the contractor will need information from the client for the proper performance of the assignment.

End of the agreement

The agreement for services can end in various ways. The assignment can end by:

  • giving notice of termination;
  • completion of the assignment;
  • lapse of time in the case of an agreement for a fixed period;
  • dissolution in the event of a failure;
  • mutual agreement;
  • the death of the contractor; or
  • the death of the client.

Lawyer for the agreement for services

The lawyers of AMS who specialise in the law of obligations not only have extensive experience of negotiating and drafting agreements for services, but also conduct litigation on such agreements for their clients if necessary. The lawyers of AMS are strongly committed to the cases of their clients, work with short lines, and offer competitve rates.


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