Dutch construction law

Construction lawyer in The Netherlands

The lawyers at Dutch law firm AMS in Amsterdam have years of experience in counseling and litigating in construction law. Among others, they act as a Dutch lawyer for project developers, contractors, subcontractors, but also for private persons. Our construction lawyer can play an important part in drafting and executing agreements, such as the contract agreement and the contract purchasing agreement. Also, one of our construction lawyers can help you in a legal dispute on an already concluded agreement or possible liability of the contractor. If the client fails to pay, the contractor has a strong card to play to secure his rights (to payment): the right of retention. Our construction lawyer is also more than willing to counsel you on that.

Dutch construction lawyer

The construction lawyer at Amsterdam law firm AMS not only counsels, but also litigates for his clients, if necessary. Not only in court, but also before the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry in The Netherlands. The AMS lawyers in The Netherlands are completely committed to their clients’ cases, are non-hierarchical and offer competitive fees.