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Rosa Ruimschotel

Expansion of dispute resolution Board of Arbitration by introducing new Fast Track procedures

In the construction industry, disputes are regularly referred to the Board of ...

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Denise Janssen

Substantiation of bad weather days when exceeding the construction period

A contracting agreement regularly stipulates the period within which the contractor ...

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Marco Guit

Judgement: Contractor infringes an architect’s copyright

It is not unusual that a contractor is declared bankrupt during a construction ...

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Marco Guit

Nonconformity? AMS lists the criteria!

When buying property, the buyer can assume that the property has the features ...

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Marco Guit

Right of suspension not unlimited in case of default by contractor!

If a contractor is in default in the execution of the contracted work, the client ...

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Marco Guit

Building contract: planning binding upon parties?

Many construction disputes between building contractors and clients are about ...

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