Lennard Noordzij

Lennard studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen and has been working as a lawyer in Amsterdam since 2013. Lennard gained experience at a medium-sized law firm in Amsterdam and joined AMS Advocaten in May 2017.


Lennard litigates, negotiates and advises national and international clients in court proceedings and arbitration (“commercial litigation and dispute resolution”) in the first instance and on appeal, both in preliminary relief proceedings and in legal matters. Lennard speaks fluent English and for this reason, he litigates on behalf of international clients.

He specialises in the field of liability law. He also advises, negotiates and litigates in the field of employment law, (prejudicial) seizure and foreclosure law, debit collection, private international law and contract law.

Lennard successfully completed training in Company and Liability at the Grotius Academie. This is the most comprehensive and complete postgraduate training in liability law.

Recent track record

In March 2020, Lennard successfully assisted a shareholder in a shareholder dispute in preliminary relief proceedings before the District Court of Amsterdam. The shareholder will receive 50% of his shares back, his salary will continue to be paid and the dismissal decision will be suspended.

In February 2020, Lennard assisted an employer in a legal matter before the District Court of North Holland. The court ruled that the employee is liable for more than € 80,000.

In November 2019, he successfully assisted an employee who had been dismissed with immediate effect. At ‘s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal convicted appeal, the employer will pay over € 230.000.

In April 2019, Lennard assisted a director under the articles of association in legal matters before the District Court of Amsterdam. The director received € 120,000 in compensation.

Expert at BusinessInsider.nl

In addition to his daily practice as a lawyer, Lennard is an expert in the business news website BusinessInsider.nl.

"Swift response and competent advice on a cross border issue. Couldn't have been better."

Stefanos Karasavvidis

"AMS and Lennard Noordzij in particular always provide us with excellent assistance, from the complex cases to general advice. Their service is tailored to our needs."

Ingmar Bunschoten

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