Reorganization in The Netherlands

Cost reductions often are effected by ways of redundancies. Such reorganisation in the Netherlands requires several statutory requirements. When reorganising a business in the Netherlands, there are many things to keep in mind, and many statutory requirements have to be met. Depending on (among other things) the volume of the company and the employees involved, these rules can be even more complex and detailed. A good preparation on the steps to be taken and a sharp timetable can make reorganising a business an effective to cut costs.

Dutch employment lawyer

AMS, a Dutch law firm dazed in Amsterdam, is a specialist in reorganization. More information on several subjects related to reorganization and Dutch employment law can be found on our website.

Dutch law firm AMS

Law firm AMS is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The attorneys have gained a broad experience in advising and litigating for (international) companies and individuals. The Dutch labour lawyers are highly involved with their client’s interests and offer a sharp and transparent fee structure. Should you require more information on Dutch employment law, or should you have any question with respect to litigation in The Netherlands, please feel free to contact us.