About Robert

Robert van Ewijk studied Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam and has been practising as a lawyer since 2014. Robert is known to his clients as an effective lawyer who gets to the heart of the matter quickly and always puts the interests of his clients first. In addition, he is pleased to inform his clients in understandable language about the legal feasibility of their case.


Robert advises and litigates in the areas of Dutch contract law, including Dutch real estate law, Dutch tenancy law for commercial premises, and law on owners’ associations. Robert is also involved in complex and less complex debt collection cases and has extensive experience in the law on attachment and enforcement.

Law on owner’s associations in the Netherlands

In addition to his daily law practice, Robert is involved in Nederlandvve.nl, an information platform in the Netherlands for owners’ associations, which he set up during his studies. This is one of the reasons why Robert has a particular interest in the law of owners’ associations.

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