About Martijn

Martijn studied Dutch Law at the University of Maastricht and Chinese Law at the JiaoTong Koguan Law School in Shanghai. After his studies, Martijn did traineeships at some prominent law firms. He has been practising as a lawyer at AMS Advocaten since 2013.


Martijn focuses on Dutch corporate law, Dutch insolvency law, Dutch contract law, and debt collection. The primary focus of his practice is in the area of corporate law (including cases relating to directors‘ and officers’ liability and company takeovers). He deals with issues that arise within companies (such as deadlocks in the general meetings of shareholders) as well as disputes between companies and external parties (such as former trading and investment partners, suppliers, and customers).

In the media

In addition to his daily law practice, Martijn is also a legal expert attached to the Dutch business news website BusinessInsider.nl.

Martijn also regularly publishes his views on current corporate law issues in the (national and international) media, including for the Bloomberg press agency.


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